Gartow June 2013

AQUARIWA in Gartow, Lower Saxony

In June 2013 a century flood has hit Germany in the east, north and south of the country. Frankfurt on Main's fire department launched a relief operation to combat the the flooding of the river Elbe in Gartow. The AQUARIWA System was provided by the cities of Bad Homburg and Niestetal and also by the Company Infraserv, Frankfurt.

In total  1548 m of AQUARIWA System where used to prevent the floods reaching the town.

Initially the system was assembled on a section of dam to the west of Gartow. Following a new assessment of the situationhowever, it was decided to employ it on the already flooded main road to Gorleben. The operation team were quickly able to change the AQUARIWA's position an stop the flood water.



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